Gymnastics Counts is a family owned and operated business since 1986. Our focus is the total child.

We know that each child is a gift from the Lord, is very important, and should be able to enjoy the sport of gymnastics. At Gymnastics Counts we strive to help each child reach his/her potential in the activity/sport of gymnastics. Each student will receive respect and praise for his/her individual accomplishments.

Gymnastics is a unique sports that builds confidence, character, discipline, endurance, determination, strength, and coordination. These are skills that a child can use in real-life situations, as well as any other sport. I believe that see that gymnastics encourages a child to focus, which usually carries over to a child’s school work and other activities. Neuroscience has also proven a correlation between the mind/body connection in regards to academic achievement, etc. Gymnastics is one of those activities that enhances the “strong mind” concept and can help a child in achieving academic success, as well as achieving a strong body.

Come join our family and see for yourself! We look forward to serving you.